Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Drive at the Nevada Humane Society

February 19, 2011

To assist those who may be struggling due to tough economic times, and in honor of Spay Day USA, Nevada Humane Society and Community Cats are aiming to fix 200 cats in five days, February 21 – 25. Spay Day USA (February 22) is a national event that focuses on reducing the number of homeless animals through spay/neuter services. Cats of low-income residents will be spayed or neutered for just $5. Appointments for $5 cat spay or neuters are limited and will be given on a first-come basis. To make an appointment, call (775) 856-2000 x312.

“We are offering these services at such a reduced fee so that we can help people who want to do the right thing by getting their cats spayed or neutered, but just simply can’t afford it,” said Bonney Brown, Executive Director for Nevada Humane Society.

Community Cats provides free spay for feral cats. Residents who feed outdoor cats can get information on getting these cats fixed by calling the Nevada Humane Society Animal Help Desk at (775) 856-2000 x200. Donations to help with the costs of spay/neuter and vaccinations for these animals are needed and greatly appreciated.

Source: Nevada Humane Society press release.


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