Celtic Festival Reno Beer Crawl

February 25, 2011

The third annual Celtic Festival Reno Beer Crawl is presented by the Sons & Daughters of Erin as part of their full Celtic weekend celebration. For $5, purchase a wrist band, glass, raffle ticket and map and enjoy 6 ounce refills of craft beer at 15 downtown Reno locations for $1 each. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Battle Born Pipe Band, who will be performing along the crawl route to add to the Celtic cheer.

Reno Beer Crawl, Reno, Nevada, NV
Logo courtesy Reno Beer Crawl

Participants are encouraged (but not required) to get into the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day. Kilt rentals and Celtic attire are available through The Isles, 809 South Center St. Visit the website or call (775) 384-1804 to order or make a reservation. The Crawl is on Saturday, February 26. It starts at 2 p.m. at The Waterfall, 134 W. 2nd St. in Reno.

Source: Renobeercrawl.com.


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