Edwardian Undressed for Women’s History Month

March 17, 2011

History and fashion collide in the most educational and entertaining presentation for Women’s History month. In Edwardian Undressed, women and men will learn about history through the 16-17 layers of clothing women wore during the late 1800s and early 1900s known as the Edwardian era. One by one a layer of clothing will be removed as Lady Carolyn explains how and why each layer was worn and what the garment tells us about history at the time. The Edwardian fashion era took place during the Women’s Suffrage movement. Women fought hard for the right to vote and shortly after fought fashion designers to rid themselves of the 16 layers of clothing.

The presentation is hosted by the Great Basin Costume Society. It will be on Sunday, March 20, at 2 p.m. at Rainshadow Café, 121 Vesta St. in Reno. The cost is only $5 per person. Tea, coffee and baked goods will be for sale from Rainshadow café . The Café is run by students from the Rainshadow Charter High School Culinary Arts program and all food purchases benefit the school.

Source: Great Basin Costume Society press release.


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