Cheetah 500 at Animal Ark

May 2, 2011

What is the Animal Ark’s version of the Indy 500? It is the thundering paws and loud purring of the “Cheetah 500” right here in Reno. Watch the fastest land animal running, off-leash, in pursuit of a speeding lure, at speeds in excess of 60 mph! This is an incredible opportunity for visitors to see our magnificent cheetahs, up close and personal. Ticket sales support the Animal Ark.

PLEASE RSVP: Reservations are required due to limited seating. Children must be at least ten years old to participate.

Saturday May 29, 5:00 PM

Animal Ark Wildlife Sanctuary & Nature Center

$25 for Children & Seniors, $40 for Adults

1-775-970-3431 (area code required) 

From Reno, take Highway 395 North, right on Red Rock Road,
go 11.5 miles, then right onto Deerlodge Road to 1265. 

Source: Press release Animal Ark.


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