Winter storm is on the way

November 16, 2011

Stay safe and informed when you must travel in winter conditions… Highway Conditions and Weather Forecast.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the relatively mild weather we’ve been having. Now, however, it’s time to batten down the hatches and get out the winter clothes. According to the National Weather Service, a storm from Alaska will start moving in on Thursday night, followed on Friday by heavy winds (gusts as high at 50 mph) and falling temperatures. Snow levels are expected to drop down to the valley floors in western Nevada (that’s us), though significant accumulations of the white stuff aren’t expected. It will, however, get downright frigid – lows in the teens are predicted through the weekend.

Up in the Sierra, it’s going to be a lot worse (or better if you are a skier). If you need to get over the hill into California, it looks like Thursday is going to be your best bet until at least Sunday. Depending on how nasty it gets, travel over here could be treacherous as well. Before heading out, make sure your car is in good shape and check highway conditions and the weather forecast.

Many of the Lake Tahoe ski resorts are scheduling openings around Thanksgiving, so they will be happy to get every snow flake that falls.


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