WW – Resting place with a view

December 6, 2011

Old cemetery at Benton Hot Springs, CA

Old cemetery at Benton Hot Springs, CA.
Photo © Stan White

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5 Responses to “WW – Resting place with a view”

  1. Beautiful mountains, can’t think of a lovelier resting place.

  2. Susan Adcox Says:

    That’s a nice resting place, although it’s a little austere for my taste. I think I’d rather have a little more green when I’m planted. Is it always this dry-looking?

    • NewToReno Says:

      Hi Susan,

      Benton Hot Springs is high desert (around 5000′) and many miles from anything you’d consider a real town. The picture was taken during late fall, so everything has been drying out all summer. It’s butt cold and snowy in the winter. Come spring, you get a few brief weeks after the snow melts when it’s nice and green, with wildflowers if conditions are right.

      Regards, Stan

      P.S. In case you haven’t figured it out, I’m also the about guide to

  3. i took a few cemetery photo today, but your are way cooler.

  4. And what a view it is. Not a bad place to spend eternity.

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