WW – Black Rock Desert

May 29, 2012

On the playa of the Black Rock Desert, Nevada, NV.

Here’s how to feel insignificant – take a walk on the Black Rock Desert playa.
Photo © Stan White

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6 Responses to “WW – Black Rock Desert”

  1. very nice..love the sky, all the graduations of blue.

  2. indrani Says:

    Wow! The shades are mesmerizing.

  3. Beth F Says:

    Oh my. This is just fabulous. Wow.

  4. Susan Adcox Says:

    Stunning pic. The desert does have a way of putting it all in a different perspective.

  5. Maria @ LSS Says:


    Mine’s here.

  6. What an expansive beautifully serene sky!Gives a great perspective on the enormity of our world which often seems to close in on us.

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