It’s a Cat Mob at Nevada Humane Society

June 2, 2012

Cash Mobs, people descending upon local businesses to support them, are a growing phenomenon across the nation. Nevada Humane Society is introducing the Cat Mob in hopes of finding homes for hundreds of homeless cats throughout the month of June.

Nevada Humane Society

Throughout June, you can Pick Your Price for adult cat adoption fees and when you adopt a cat you also get a free Cat Mob T-shirt. Cash Mobs are a growing trend in which people use social media to plan organized support for local businesses. The concept is simple – people come together with cash in hand and shop locally owned businesses to support their local economy. Nevada Humane Society’s Cat Mob was inspired by this idea, encouraging people who are looking to add a pet to their family to visit the shelter on Longley Lane, therefore, placing a local cat into a local home.

Adult dogs may be adopted throughout June for just $40 (excluding puppies and specially priced dogs). Adopters can set their own fee for adult cats 4 months and older. Kittens may be adopted for $60. All pets are spayed and neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped, services that normally cost over $200.

Cat Mob festivities will include a variety of family friendly activities at the shelter each Saturday in June, culminating in the final Cat Mob event on June 30. Follow Nevada Humane Society on Facebook for the inside details of this cool event. For more information call 775-856-2000.


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