Winter weather is on the way

October 21, 2012

According to the National Weather Service in Reno, the nice weather party is over. The first winter storms of the season are due to arrive starting Sunday night and continue through most of next week. Here in the Truckee Meadows, we will see daytime temperatures plunge into the 50s and 40s, with the possibility of fall’s first nights below freezing. The winds will be brisk and if it really gets going, we might even get a little snow on this side of the mountains.

Up in the Sierra Nevada around Lake Tahoe, real winter weather is forecast to drop several inches of snow at lake level and even more up higher. It will be much the same for nearby places like Truckee.

If you must travel in the mountains over the next few days, take the chains and be prepared for winter driving conditions. The roads will be slick and gusty winds could kick up the snow and reduce visibility. Before departing from the Reno area, be sure to check highway conditions over the passes to see what you are likely to encounter. Here are links to highway conditions reports for major mountain roads in the Reno area…


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