Thanksgiving Weekend at Animal Ark

November 15, 2012

Not wild about hitting the malls for the annual holiday shopping frenzy after Thanksgiving Day? Why not visit Animal Ark! The sanctuary will be open during the Thanksgiving weekend so visitors can observe the animals in the cooler temperatures of late fall, when they are active and frisky. The furry predators are putting on their thick, plush winter coats to protect them against the snow, while the bears are gorging themselves to prepare for their winter hibernation.

Animal Ark Wildlife Sanctuary, Reno, Nevada, NV
Photo courtesy Animal Ark.

Do you have any raw turkey necks and gizzards that you did not use for your holiday meal? They make marvelous treats for the animals. Animal ark would also be grateful for donation of an uncooked, low-sodium turkey to supplement the regular diets of the carnivores. The animals love raw poultry and your generosity helps defray ongoing winter food bills.

The elevation at Animal Ark is 6,000 feet. Be prepared for chilly conditions and dress appropriately. It is suggested that you call ahead on the day of the event to make sure the activity hasn’t been canceled due to adverse conditions.

  • When: Friday and Saturday, November 23 – 24, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Where: Animal Ark Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • Directions: From Reno – Highway 395 North, right on Red Rock Road for 11.5 miles, then right on Deerlodge Road to 1265.
  • Admission: $12 adults, $11 seniors, $10 children. Kids 2 and under free.
  • Phone: (775) 970-3431 (area code required).
  • Email:

Source: Animal Ark press release.


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