Sirens of Chrome at the National Automobile Museum

March 28, 2013

They’ve been called models, sex symbols and eye candy, but their best attribute of these engaging automotive specialists was their ability to sell cars by enticing customers with facts, not just glamour. The fascinating women of the auto shows are featured in the newest exhibit at the National Automobile MuseumSirens of Chrome: The Allure of the Auto Show Models.

Sirens of Chrome takes visitors on a visual joyride through auto show history and features a treasure trove of rare images of turn-of-the-century goddesses, 1950s sex symbols and today’s highly trained product specialists. The exhibit showcases posters and photographs of human hood ornaments, fast cars and vintage auto show fashions, and tells the larger story of auto show models and the timeless allure of automobiles.

Visitors to the Sirens of Chrome exhibit will discover whose “body” inspired the Rolls-Royce hood ornament and who sat in a “rumble seat” with 1930s silver-screen goddess Joan Blondell. They will see the depth of information included from the Dagmar Bumpers, gawk at the over-the-top opulence of the Somali leopard pelt-upholstered 1950 Cadillac Debutante, and view in wonder at the fur-clad model atop a Soviet-built Lada. The exhibit features nearly 75 pieces, mostly photographs, posters, auto show programs and automobile magazine covers.

The National Automobile Museum is located next to the Truckee River at 10 S. Lake Street in Reno, corner Mill Street. There is ample free parking in the Museum’s own lot.

Source: Press release from the National Automobile Museum.


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