KTMB needs your stuff

July 24, 2013

Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful (KTMB) is having a reverse garage sale of sorts. Rather than offering stuff, KTMB is seeking donations of stuff you might otherwise try to unload at a garage sale. By donating, you get rid of unwanted stuff, don’t have to hassle with a garage sale, and support a worthy cause.

Here is a partial list of what KTMB is looking for…

  • Card (or other lightweight, folding) tables
  • Large round water coolers
  • Portable radios
  • Camp (or other folding, portable) chairs
  • Bike locks with key/combination
  • Industrial extension cords
  • USB hub
  • Power strip

There is more, which you can see on the KTMB Wish List. This page also has an email form for you to leave contact information and for you to check off what you’d like to donate

Source: Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful.


One Response to “KTMB needs your stuff”

  1. Flash Can Says:

    Thanks so much, NewToReno!

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