NevadaGrown Farmers Market in Sparks

September 4, 2013

Great Basin Brewing Company in Sparks is celebrating Nevada’s late-season harvests with a NevadaGrown farmers market that will feature local farms, ranches, food purveyors and artisans. The market will be held at 846 Victorian Avenue in Sparks, from 3:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., every Thursday in September beginning September 5.

Fresh produce, meat, cheese, artisan beer, bread and packaged foods are a few of the featured items, in addition to arts and crafts from local Nevada businesses. The Food Bank of Northern Nevada will host weekly raffles for market bucks along with its community food drive. The brewery will keep the celebration thriving into the evening with free live music on its outdoor stage, handcrafted local brews, and signature dishes using fresh, local ingredients.

The farmers market is a partnership between the Great Basin Brewing Company, NevadaGrown and the Food Bank of Northern Nevada to honor Nevada’s farms, ranches and local independent businesses. For more information, call Ann Louhela at (775) 351-2551.

Source: Press release from NevadaGrown.


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