Get rid of those leaves properly

October 31, 2013

In the Truckee Meadows, it’s the responsibility of residents to properly clean up, bag, and dispose of all those leave that fall from their trees. Letting them simply blow away or assuming that the street sweeper will take care of it are not options.

When leaves collect and blow around, storm drains are a prime trouble spot. Left in piles and not properly bagged, leaves frequently clog the drains. We all know how our winters are often characterized by a heavy snow followed by a warm day and that run-off has to go somewhere. If the drains can’t flow freely because they’re plugged up by leaves, flooding can occur.

City ordinances require residents to properly bag and dispose of leaves. Residents can help by taking care of their own leaves, but if you see a clogged storm drain and can’t clear it yourself, call the public works department in your city.

Reno – (775) 334-2350
Sparks – (775) 353-2271
Washoe County – (775) 328-2040

Remember, storm drains empty into the Truckee River. Let’s all do what we can to protect our beautiful stream and primary source of drinking water.

Source: City of Sparks press release.


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