Events and deals at Lake Tahoe ski areas

December 14, 2013

Our Lake Tahoe ski areas and resorts aren’t just for skiers and snowboarders. Almost all of them have a number of special events and activities during the ski season. Some of these activities don’t have a lot to do with skiing and are designed to attract people to enjoy winter without necessarily taking to the slopes.

For example, if you like to take the family out for a day of snow play, several resorts have sledding and tubing hills just for you. These places aren’t free, but you get a lift up the hill and resort amenities. Some ski resorts also have ice skating rinks as well, but we have Rink on the River right here in Reno and there are other skating venues not attached to the resorts.

Check out “Special Events at Reno / Lake Tahoe Ski Areas and Resorts” to see what’s available. There is something of interest for virtually every visitor to our nearby snowy Sierra Nevada mountains. And if you do happen to be a skiier or snowboarder, you’ll find ways to get special deals on lift tickets as well.


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