2014 is Nevada’s 150th birthday

February 26, 2014

This year makes 150 years since Nevada entered the union on October 31, 1864, becoming our 36th state. There are numerous stories behind the timing of Nevada’s admission to the union, one of which has to do with the wealth from silver and gold mining being needed to finance the Union side of the Civil War. That one, however, is bogus.

The real reason had to do with presidential politics and the impending re-election of Abraham Lincoln. In any event, the last 150 years of Nevada history are full of interesting stories and events – mining, gambling, the divorce trade, atomic bombs, wild horses, wide open spaces, the rise of Las Vegas, famous entertainers, emigrants, Indians, the Pony Express, railroads, and much more.

“Nevada’s 150th Anniversary of Statehood” involves a whole year of various sesquicentennial celebrations throughout the Silver State, including quite a few in the Reno area and northern Nevada. The biggest event of all will be Nevada Day in October, held annually in the state capital of Carson City.


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