Get your Nevada State Parks Passport

February 18, 2015

You don’t really need a passport to visit any of Nevada’s 23 state parks and recreation areas, but the official Nevada State Parks Passport Program will help you learn about the wonderful variety of recreational opportunities available all across the Silver State.

The Nevada State Parks Passport booklet can be picked up at any state park. The passport is a travel aid and travelogue for park visitors. It includes photos, a description of each park, lists of amenities, travel journal pages, and spaces for validation stamps which have been designed to reflect each state park. Once you have your passport stamped at a minimum of 15 different parks, you become eligible to receive a free annual pass to all of Nevada’s state parks.

In northern Nevada, it’s easy to get started with your Nevada State Parks Passport since we have two park units right near Reno. There’s Washoe Lake State Park between Reno and Carson City. Up a Lake Tahoe, you’ll find the various units of Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park along the east shore. Sand Harbor is one of these, the popular summer swimming spot and home of the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival.

Sand Harbor at Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park

View from Sand Harbor in Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park. Photo © Stan White


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