It’s illegal to talk or text while driving

March 8, 2015

Nevada State Law prohibits the use of any handheld cell phone while driving and getting cited for doing so is punishable by fines of up to $250.

You’d think people would have gotten the message by now, but Noooo. Every time I’m driving around, I see several people holding a cell phone to their ear or busy tapping away on the screen. They aren’t paying attention to the road even though their cars are moving. This is not cool, and traffic law enforcement is after you as it should be. If you are lucky, you’ll get a ticket before killing yourself or someone else.

In February, 2015, a Joining Forces distracted driving awareness campaign was conducted by the The Washoe County Sheriff’s Office, Reno Police Department, Sparks Police Department, and Nevada Highway Patrol.

In just 11 days, the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office made 344 traffic stops and issued 452 citations and warnings. Of those, 195 were for distracted driving (i.e., cell phone use while driving). Other dangerous driving practices cited included 97 for speeding, 8 for failure to yield the right of way, and 4 for running a red light.

To learn more, get behind the State of Nevada’s traffic safety goal of zero fatalities on Nevada roadways. So, come on people; pull over to a safe place and stop before using that smart phone. Be smarter than your device and don’t take the risk of not giving driving your full, undistracted attention.

Source: Washoe County Sheriff’s Office press release.


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