New Virginia Street Bridge is coming

March 15, 2015

Construction is scheduled to begin soon on the replacement for Reno’s iconic Virginia Street Bridge. According to the project’s official website, it’s going to take 12 to 15 months, with completion some time in 2016.

Old Virginia Street Bridge in Reno, Nevada
Old Virginia Street Bridge in Reno, Nevada. Photo © Stan White

City Plaza, the place between the Truckee River and City Hall, will be appropriated as a staging area for construction activity. Exactly how this is going to work with detours and such is still a bit unclear, but you can be sure there will be traffic disruption once the old bridge is closed and then demolished. I also foresee some adjustments being needed for big downtown events like Hot August Nights. To get updates about this and other details on what’s coming with a new bridge, refer to “Replacing Reno’s Virginia Street Bridge.”

The old bridge is 110 years old and falling apart. For a while, it was hoped that the historic structure could be upgraded to modern safety and flood control standards. Alas, it is too far gone for that approach to be cost-effective, so we’re getting a new span over the Truckee River.


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