Reimagine Reno – share your vision

August 23, 2015

Mayor Hillary Schieve and the Reno City Council invite you to share your vision for the future of Reno. The City has launched the “ReImagine Reno” website and public visioning campaign to support the Master Plan update. This will be the most important community visioning effort to date and the timing could not be more perfect as Reno enters a new era of strong growth in jobs and residents.

City Hall, Reno, Nevada

Reno City Hall. Photo © Stan White

The ReImagine Reno website has a wealth of information and ways to participate. Here are ways to get involved for you to consider…

  • Take the 21-question online survey to share your preferences on housing, neighborhood design, desired city amenities, and ideas for the overall vision for the City.
  • Sign-up to attend an in-person focus group – check out the calendar of events page to view the many topics.
  • Sign-up for the ReImagine Reno mailing list to receive a monthly newsletter on the Master Plan update progress and happenings.
  • Share the ReImagine Reno website with your colleagues, friends and family – the success of the updated Reno Master Plan depends on widespread community participation.

About the Master Plan – The Master Plan is the guiding document for how the City of Reno should develop over the next 20 years. The Master Plan update will present a unified and compelling vision for the City, derived from the aspirations of its citizens, and establish specific policies necessary to fulfill that vision.

Master Plans typically address land uses, densities, neighborhoods and housing, transportation, parks and open space, community facilities, the environment, and economic development. Reno’s Master Plan update process involves extensive input from both the Reno Planning Commission and Reno City Council.

Source: City of Reno press release.


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