Discounts for seniors around Reno and Sparks

November 28, 2015

The term “senior citizen” comes into play when we reach a certain age. That age, however, is a moving target as far as qualifying for senior discounts goes.

Since there is no universally accepted age at which you become a senior citizen, such as 65, you have to check each place where discounts are available. Some are as young as 55, so start reading the fine print when you reach that age. More commonly, the discounts start at 62 1/2 or 65.

Some of the places you can enjoy senior discounts include the movies, museums, dining at hotel casinos and other restaurants, health clubs and gyms, ski resorts, and services from Washoe County and the cities of Reno and Sparks. Get information about these discounts and more from “Senior Discounts Around Reno and Sparks.”


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