Burning Man 2016 tickets going on sale

February 7, 2016

Online registration for pre-sale tickets to Burning Man 2016 begins at high noon (PST) on Wednesday, February 10, and closes at noon on Friday, February 12. If you are chosen to buy these tickets, you’re gonna pay – either $990 for regular tickets or $1,200 for “Leonardo Da Vinci” tickets.

The 2016 main ticket sale starts at noon (PDT) on Wednesday, March 23. These tickets are a mere $390 each. Note that Daylight Saving Time begins on Sunday, March 13.

But wait, there’s more. Thanks to the 2015 session of the Nevada Legislature, the state’s 9 percent live entertainment tax now applies to the price of Burning Man tickets. This means that main sale tickets at $390 will actually cost you $424. Add the tax to the price of other tickets for the actual amount you’ll have to spend. Burning Man is protesting the application of the tax to its tickets, but so far the state hasn’t backed down. If you plan on bringing a vehicle and score one of 27,000 vehicle passes, it’s going to be $80 this year (up from $50 in 2015).

The whole Burning Man ticket process involves lots of dates, rules, and classes of tickets, which I am not going to try and further explain. If you seriously want to try for tickets, go to the source – “Burning Man 2016 Ticket Information” – and carefully study how the process works.

The art theme for Burning Man 2016 is “Da Vinci’s Workshop.” The festival will be from Sunday, August 28 through Monday, September 5.


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