Downtown Reno, gem of the Washoe County Library System

March 29, 2016

If you want to experience what it’s like to go to the library in a park, visit the Downtown Reno location of the Washoe County Library System. This beautiful facility was built in 1966 and is now on the National Register of Historic Places.

Downtown Reno Library, Washoe County Library System, Nevada, NV

Downtown Reno Library, a branch of the Washoe County Library System. Photo © Stan White

Since architect Hewitt Wells couldn’t put his library in a park, be brought a park to the library. He designed his creation to include hundreds of plants, several full-grown trees, a pond with a fountain, an auditorium with grand piano and an art gallery on the balcony. It really is a pleasant atmosphere and the closest thing to an indoor park you will find in the Reno area, all with a full-service library.

Some of the Downtown Reno Library service include free WiFi, places for leisure reading, audiovisual materials including DVDs, books on CD, and computers with Internet access. There is an extensive reference collection, topographic map collection, Nevada files on local news and history, local newspapers on microfilm, and federal and state government publications collection. The Downtown Reno Library is a congressionally designated depository for U.S. Government documents.

The Downtown Reno Library is located at 301 S. Center Street, corner with E. Liberty Street. The general information number is (775) 327-8300.

Each month, all branches of the Washoe County Library System have lots of free activities and events for patrons. Get the details on what’s happening from “Free Events and Programs at Washoe County Libraries.”

Source: Washoe County Library System.


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