New public art sculptures grace Reno

November 17, 2016

One new installation is at Bicentennial Park, on the north side of the Truckee River near Ralston and First Streets. The art area is called the Bicentennial Sculpture Park and will initially display six works by local and regional artists. They are Colin O’Bryan, Brett Moten, Carolyn Guerra, Jeff Schomberg, Grant Miller, and Eileen Gay.

The sculpture garden is a permanent fixture, but art pieces will change every year. The current installations will be on display through October, 2017. The Bicentennial Sculpture Park is a joint effort between the City of Reno and the Rotary Club of Reno. The Nevada Museum of Art and Burning Man may get involved in selecting future pieces for placement in the park.

The Light Chimes and Light Garden will be on display through March, 2017, at Wingfield Park in downtown Reno. The installation features animated color palettes derived from Reno street murals, the artist’s own work, and time lapses of the Milky Way. The Light Chimes is illuminated after the sun goes down.

The Reno Playa Art Park features art that was on display at Burning Man 2016. Pieces to enjoy include The Backdrop (a commissioned mural), Imago, Electric Dandelions, Electric Renaissance, Star Way, and Good Luck Horseshoe. This park is a great use of vacant land recently created by the demolition of two derelict motels. It is located in the 500 block of N. Virginia Street. The sculptures are to be at the Reno Playa Art Park for about a year.

Reno Playa Art Park, Nevada, NV

Reno Playa Art Park. Photo © Stan White

Source: City of Reno.


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