Visit the Nevada State Capitol in Carson City

March 6, 2017

The Nevada State Capitol building is appropriately located in downtown Carson City, the first and only capital city the Silver State has had since statehood on October 31, 1864.

The original structure was completed in 1871 and housed all branches of state government. Over the years it was expanded, then other homes were built nearby for the Legislature and Supreme Court. The state’s constitutional officers, including the governor, still have offices in the historic building.

In addition to housing working government offices, the Nevada State Capitol building is a worthy tourist attraction. It is beautifully maintained in its original Neoclassical Italianate style and an excellent museum with history of the building and Nevada is located on the second floor. Visitors can take self-guided tours through the building or arrange for a guided tour (requires advance arrangements). The building is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday and closed on holidays. The grounds surrounding the Nevada State Capitol provide a park-like setting and are worth time to explore. While in Carson City, you can also visit the nearby Nevada State Museum, located in the old Carson City Mint.

The 79th (2017) Regular Session of the Nevada Legislature is currently in session, making this a particularly interesting time to pay a visit. There’s no telling who you might see in the way of local and state politicians. For more information, refer to “Nevada State Capitol Building and Museum.”


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