Sherlock Holmes at the May Museum

July 24, 2017

If you like a good murder mystery, and might enjoy getting involved with a top sleuth in solving the crime, head over to the Wilbur D. May Museum for the new exhibit titled “Sherlock Holmes and the Clocktower Mystery.”

Visitors get a Detective Guide upon entering the exhibit and are then transported back in time to Victorian London. Start at the clocktower murder scene, then work your way through other locations while searching for clues. Enter the study when you think you’ve identified the murderer. Sherlock Holmes (played by a live actor) will ask questions about your conclusions and the mystery will be dramatically solved.

“Sherlock Holmes and the Clocktower Mystery” will be at the May Museum from Saturday, July 29 through Sunday, October 29, 2017. (Rated PG – parental discretion advised. Exhibit shows murder scenes and murder victims.)

The Wilbur D. May Museum is in Rancho San Rafael Regional Park, 1595 N. Sierra Street in Reno. This is one of Reno’s most outstanding parks and there is free parking.


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