82nd (2023) Nevada State Legislature

February 1, 2023

The 82nd (2023) Regular Session of the Nevada Legislature begins on Monday, February 6 and will end on June 5. The Nevada Legislature meets every other year in the state capital of Carson City for 120 consecutive days. This time frame is set by the Nevada constitution. Otherwise, special sessions can be called by the governor or by two-thirds of the legislature.

In the 2022 election, both Senate and Assembly remained majority Democratic. The governor and lieutenant governor became Republicans, with most other state constitutional officers being Democrats. The exception is Republican State Controller Andy Matthews. Federal elected officials are all Democrats except for Republican Mark Amodei in Congressional District 2.

For links to additional information about the Nevada State Legislature, elected members, legislative process and more, refer to “Nevada State Legislature in Carson City.”


One Response to “82nd (2023) Nevada State Legislature”

  1. john sebastian Says:

    I remember very well when Cegavske tried to infuse some accountability into the reckless practice of “Ballot Harvesting” by pleading with Sisolak to at least require registration of all “harvesters”. He told her flat “No”. No accountability for ballot harvesters. I knew right there that we could have no confidence in the credibility of our elections after that.

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