Virginia Lake dragonfly

March 17, 2018

Dragonfly sculpture, Virginia Lake Park, Reno, Nevada, NV

New dragonfly sculpture flits over the water in Reno’s Virginia Lake Park. Photo © Stan White


Windflowers, Reno, Nevada, NV

These windflowers in Reno, Nevada, decided to bloom during a winter warm spell, only to to get snowed on when the cold weather returned. Photo © Stan White

Signs of spring in Reno

February 6, 2018

Spring daffodil blooms in Reno, Nevada, NV

This is the first daffodil blooming in my yard in 2018. Spring is on the way. If we get lucky, there will be lots of wildflowers to enjoy as well. Check these Nevada wildflower pictures for examples of what you might see once the bloom gets going. Photo © Stan White